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We have been there and we know how important is the application process.


Once you have applied for a position of your interest or submitted your CV, we will carefully examine your work experience and your skills.


If your profile matches with the job requirements you will be contacted to schedule an interview and begin the selection process.  


At any stage of the selection process, you will receive timely feedback in case we decide to not move forward with your application. This won’t preclude the possibility to apply for other positions and we will be glad to consider your profile for other opportunities. 

Some tips for the selection process

  • Keep your cv neat and clear: write a summary of your professional profile and point out the soft and hard skills developed in each work experience; 

  • Research the company as well as the industry;

  • Reflect on and be ready to discuss your strengths and areas for development;

  • Keep anxiety in the creative frame and always listen to the question first, before giving an answer;

  • Be proactive and show interest: save some questions regarding the industry, the company and the position you are interested in.


Last but not least, remember: the interview is an experience and is an essential part of self improvement!

Are you ready? 

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